How Coinbase Users Can Earn From Crypto Traders Globally

They have stated, as part of the announcement, that “financial literacy is a skill that directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”.

This partnership comes in the midst of an important moment. As Coinbase’s market cap exceeds $60B and its verified user base approaches 73 million, Thailand’s oldest lender, Siam Commercial Bank Plc, has acquired a 51% controlling stake in the Thai digital asset exchange, Bitkub, which oversees approximately $500MM and exceeds 2 million users. Both Coinbase and Bitkub are, however, charging 0.50% and 0.25% fees respectively — leaving massive room for improvement, which Fortius and CTG are poised to undercut through their solution.

The strategy behind this partnership is straightforward: Fortius will work to promote a Bitcoin ETF and bluechip stock hybrid trading challenge solution that reduces trading fees by anywhere from two and a half to five times. To kickstart this initiative, the partners have planned a solution targeting 1% of 2MM Bitkub users.

Fortius and CTG view their role in the financial markets in terms of the impact that they can make on everyday consumers and first-time investors. In addition to providing a more viable and sustainable trading solution, they are also conducting outreach efforts. They are creating materials for teaching financial literacy, positioning themselves as a type of social financial market infrastructure (S-FMI) for millennials. Toward that end, they are engineering a turnkey solution for startups and YouTubers, whom they will recruit as “promoters” of their “Bitcoin ETF Trading Challenge” solution, under the Dubai Foundation legal entity, within fifteen days of a $1,000 USD application fee payment. Promoters can launch their own “Bitcoin ETF x Bluechip Stocks Trading Challenge” and potentially earn a maximum of USD $1,000,000 without the need to leave their home country. Each startup can reach customers all over the globe and promote their own Trading Challenge under a foundation licensed in Dubai, building their own investor big-data focusing to work wisely locally but earning globally. (Limit 100,000 applicants per trading challenge.)

Startups and Youtubers, once they become promoters for the partnership, will then take charge of the communities that they construct. They will, for example, deliver awards to their top traders every month. CTG, in return, will facilitate the “Bitcoin ETF Trading Challenge.” Providing a sign-up form weblink, payment processing system, and live proprietary investment portfolio with Bitcoin ETF (Ticker: BITO) listed at the New York Stock Exchanges as an underlying asset for every paid applicant to manage.

Fortius and CTG, in the interest of transparency, have also announced the specifics of their membership packages. The FC Bronze Membership will cost $360 USD (Applicant will get CTG Portfolio Value around $600 to manage), the FC Silver Membership will cost $600 USD (Applicant will get CTG Portfolio Value around $1,800 to manage), and the FC Gold Membership will cost $1,500 USD (Applicant will get CTG Portfolio Value around $5,100 to manage). The underlying asset of each investment portfolio will be the world’s leading gold ETF “SPDR Gold Trust,” and Bitcoin ETF (BITO) listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Furthermore, members can earn up to 90% of the profit pain within thirty days, upon request via e-mail

Byung Jun Chun, UN Peace Ambassador and CTG’s Advisor, explains, “Today, most of the 400 million Chinese students don’t have experience in trading Bitcoin ETF or bluechip stocks on the major stock exchanges, so we are delighted to partner with promoters through our online “Challenge” to provide financial education and live trading experience to these target groups.

Additionally, recently was announced a partnership with a Company based in Hong Kong that could benefit to promote Chinese users as per the following statement from Hong Kong’s Exchanges website:

Mr. Jose Rivera Olalquiaga, a former investment banker that serves as Chairman of the Foundation, goes on to note the importance of this event, saying, “As we’ve heard about SCBS’ acquisition of Bitkub and knew about Bitkub CEO’s Vision to democratize opportunities for everyone via leading innovation, we are excited about the opportunity to help millions of Bitkub users to earn from Crypto Traders worldwide as an entrepreneur not as a speculator, to launch their own “Bitcoin ETF x Bluechip Stocks Trading Challenge” focusing on crypto traders worldwide especially on the 68 million Coinbase users to join their own trading challenge event.

Through this partnership with Capital Trust Group, our target promoters, who are Bitkub users, can potentially earn up to $1 million USD or can even become the Coinbase of Asia.” Even Binance, the world’s top digital currency exchange by trading volume, has tried to provide digital versions of stocks like Tesla and Apple, ceasing support for stock tokens a few months ago. For this reason, it will be useful for participants to take advantage of the platform, joining their own trading challenge and accessing both institutional crypto products and bluechip stocks like Tesla, Apple, or other asset classes, including ETFs, bonds, futures, options, currencies, and precious metals in a single multi-currency margin trading account throughout the trading challenge event.

To become a promoter and to launch your own “Bitcoin ETF vs. Bluechip stocks Trading Challenge,” contact or visit our community to get a free education how to build investment portfolio like billionaires at All membership tiers are available now at



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